Perfectly Imperfect

Every item is handcrafted. No two items will ever be alike and no one item will ever be 'perfect'. 

We could use immaculate shop-bought stamps to save time and fuss. We could use fine salt for a faultlessly smooth surface. We could add chemicals for a pristine white finish ...BUT... the large salt crystals give a beautiful organic texture and subtle sparkle. The natural shade of the material is authentic and neutral, and the 'swell lumps' created by imprinting each letter by hand are evidence of our craftsmanship. Perfecting these imperfections would remove the final product's unique qualities. 

Unlike clay, dough is a glutinous structure which moves, stretches, grows, shrinks and bubbles as it's worked with. Years' of practice have equipped us with the best methods and skills but perfection will almost never be achieved. 

The decorations are deliberately left au-natural. Despite many tests using various natural sealants, we're yet to find an environmentally friendly sealant solution that doesn't spoil the finished texture or deem the finished product 'toxic' and therefore not compostable. 

We will always continue to refine our methods, improve the product and try further sealant options, but for the time being we're quite happy with our naked decorations and their lumps just the way they are!

For all of the above reasons we appreciate that S&G products wont always be right for everyone or every purpose. If precision perfect is what you're looking for, S&G isn't for you. Please read the Lifespan & Storage page to find out more or Contact Us